Undead Slayer Hack and Cheats Tool for Android/iOS

Undead Slayer Hack

Undead Slayer Hack, is the best solution for a pay to win game, like this one. Every single action in this game, can by made very easy with jade, premium game currency. You think I’m joking? No, trust me. You can ressurect in-battle, you can buy new skills (which can ba bought only with jade), you can upgrade some skills only with it, you can buy awesome powerfull equipments, search better treasures, search better commanders and even convert it into gold (you won’t need this feature, trust me).


  • Unlimited Gold. Max everything, and do 1-hit kill on every boss
  • Unlimited Jade. Get the most bad-ass equipment and captain. Easy right?
  • Enhance Game Speed. Don’t waste time, make a level in 5 secounds
  • Powerfull Anti-Track System (security sistem). Scared about ban or track your hack activity, that won’t happen thanks to our powerfull anti-track system.

How To Use:

  1. Open Undead Slayer Hack.exe
  2. Check the program for any new updates.
  3. Plug in your device to the PC.
  4. Choose your device and press detect.
  5. Set amount of gold and jade you want to import.
  6. Press hack and wait until our application will do the job.
  7. Enjoy the game with your unlimited gold and jade.



Undead Slayer is a top-down hack n’ slash game for Android and iOS. Action on this game is around Xiahou Dun, a hero from the Wei Dynasty, and this game is take place in the Three Kingdoms period. This game, like other Korean games, is about a man who have the power of an entire army, and he need to fight agains undead. This game have a lot of upgrade interfaces, like forge for equipments, Training for passive, Skills for active skills, Pet for Pets (horse, birds and other and of course achievements).